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Our team prides itself in being committed and passionate about what we do.

Since my boyhood days, I knew I wanted to be in the construction sector. Every day, this choice is affirmed as I derive a sense of purpose and deep satisfaction. With over 14 years’ experience as a Project Manager, I have had the unique opportunity to work and/or travel the world. This has exposed me to new cultures, ideas and opportunities which I aim to implement right here in Kenya.

Andrew N. Mwaura
Project Manager
Profession - Project Manager

For a long time, the process of constructing and owning homes has been hurdled with numerous challenges which have hence locked out interested persons with limited know-how. I aim to reduce or eradicate them altogether. I am passionate about giving opportunities to others for the collective growth of the industry and community. My experience in my profession puts me in the unique position to give you the lifestyle you deserve.

Bertrand L. Ngaywa
Quantity Surveyor
Profession - Director Cost Control

I passionately believe in molding spaces that allow us to live as Africans in the 21st Century. I have accumulated knowledge and experience over the past two decades working in various challenging projects. Being an artist, I am driven by my insatiable desire to come up with new innovative ideas. I am also big on culture as it is what binds us and gives us identity. All our spaces will be unique in their expression whilst still keeping the intimate nature of community living.

Muchiri L. Waititu
Profession - Architect

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